Hello! You have reached the website for 16 Bodhisattvas: a koan meditation group. Unfortunately, our four elements have scattered in the ten directions and we are no longer meeting (our group leader is relocating).  Please stay tuned for a new website detailing new projects in San Antonio, Texas.

Hey, don’t look so sad! There are lots of other great free and not-free meditation groups in Charlottesville.  Check them out here. We especially recommend UVA’s Tuesday evening mindfulness meditation group, led by Sam Green, PhD.

For the time being, please enjoy the current website🙂


The mothership!You have found the website of 16 Bodhisattvas: A Zen koan meditation group and the home of its accompanying blog, It’s Alive!. We are a Zen meditation group in the Pacific Zen School that practices in Charlottesville, Virginia. We meet weekly on Monday evenings and also offer retreats. Look below to see our upcoming events and the newest post on the It’s Alive! blog. Enjoy!


Check out the latest from the It’s Alive! Zen blog:

“Gremlins point the way”

OR “How a car crash saved me from myself”


WP_20160530_002This is the stone, drenched with rain, that points the way.

One of the side effects of Zen practice that I enjoy most is a softening around my insistence that “This isn’t It.”  When the universe serves me something unexpected, I am more likely to trust that it’s for me, even though it may not appear to be what I ordered.  Maybe I think my eggs are too runny, I should have done college better my first time through, or that someone needs to change before I can love them.  But rather than insisting on how I think things ought to be, I keep finding that it’s easier to just trust the way things are.  Navigation is simpler that way and it sure beats paddling upstream all the time.  Here is a story about not trusting…


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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