The mothership!You have found the website of It’s Alive! Zen. We are a Zen meditation group in the Pacific Zen School that practices in San Antonio, Texas. We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings and plan to offer other programs in the near future. Check out the newest blog post, find out more about our koan meditation group and what the heck koans are, or just explore the site at your leisure. You can also join our Meet Up group and our Facebook page to stay informed about events. Enjoy!

Attention, attention!

We’ll be having our last weekly meditation session for the year this Wednesday, 12/14, at the usual time and place.  We will pick back up again on Wednesday, 1/4, 2017

Check out the latest from the It’s Alive! Zen blog:

The morning after

November 9, 2016

wp_20140907_005I do like things that truly upset my understanding of the world, and this is one of them.  I like waking from strange dreams and when my expectations are shattered, and in a way, I like this, too.  We asked for someone to fix the fan, and what we got was a rhinoceros.
Years ago, some rich noble or another gave Yanguan a fan made out of carved rhinoceros horn.  One day, Yanguan called to his attendant, “Bring me the rhinoceros fan.”
The attendant said, “It’s broken.”
Yanguan said, “In that case, bring me the rhinoceros.”

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