Join us for a half-day workshop on December 3rd, 2016!

Everyone wants to know. Will it rain today? How do I get rid of this stubborn belly fat? What am I doing with my life, anyway? The mind reaches out for answers and, when it doesn’t find them, it just makes some up. There is a world of mystery and joy beneath those made-up answers: blossoming flowers, the sound of thunder, a first kiss. It’s closer than you might think. [Click here for more information]

It’s Alive! plans to begin offering retreats in the near future. In the past, they have featured lots of meditation, laughter, vegetarian meals, teachings, laughter, and individual work (and laughter) with a teacher.


In the meantime, we would love to have you at our weekly koan meditation group. You can also dive deeper into koan work by  working with a teacher.


Any Questions?


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